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Paris/New Delhi: 4 September, 2022: In the last leg of his visit, Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla addressed the members of Indian Diaspora at India House, Paris.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Birla said that during the French Revolution more than 200 years ago, the ideas of equality, liberty and fraternity brought about a revolution in the whole world community, and the revolution also inspired India's freedom struggle. India's freedom struggle was not only fought in India, but our freedom fighters also fought it on foreign soil also. Revolutionary leaders like Madam Bhikaji Cama, Shyamm Ji Krishna Varma, among others, spent many years in Paris and received the support of European countries for the Indian independence movement, said Shri Birla.

Mentioning about the historically close ties between India and France, Shri Birla said that the oldest book in the Parliament Library of India was published in the 17th century and this book is by a French writer Bernier in which he has written about the Mughal rulers. India's friendship with France is very close, it is more than friendship; India and France are just like brothers, said Shri Birla. There is no occasion or no global forum where the two countries have not supported each other and worked together. In this context, Shri Birla, referring to terrorism and climate change, said that, both India and France have not only accepted these challenges but also acted decisively.

Speaking further about the shared relations between India and France, Shri Birla said that both the countries together took the initiative of International Solar Alliance and today more than 100 countries of the world are actively involved in it. ISA is moving forward with a concrete action plan today against climate change and global warming. Shri Birla also said that today India's synergy with France is moving forward from solar to social, from technical to space, and from digital to defense.

Referring to India's successful development journey in recent years, Shri Birla said that India has witnessed rapid socio-economic transformation over the years and at the center of this transformation are India's youth power, India's villages, India’s farmers, and India’s women power. The country is working with team spirit and touching new heights of progress and prosperity. Today, whether it is economic inclusion, social security, the New India is taking everyone along, said Shri Birla. India has made exemplary progress in the recent period. Today, the number of beneficiaries of health insurance schemes in India is more than the total population of America, Canada and Mexico, highlighted Shri Birla.

Emphasizing on rapid development in India, Shri Birla said that today's India is aspirational, we cannot wait any longer for development. And the same aspiration is visible in the efforts of the government as well. Today India is writing a new history with its achievements in the fields of public health, climate change, environment, and social justice. Today India is not following other's agenda but setting agenda on global platforms.

Expressing happiness, Shri Birla said that members of Indian Diaspora have made remarkable contributions to progress and development of France, some of them are now Members of the French Parliament and they also contributed to the world's only Fusion reactor in France, but Indian community has retained its distinctive Indianness along with adopting French customs and laws.

Referring to Mahatma Gandhi's speech to a public meeting in Paris on his return from London in 1931, Shri Birla said that the Indian community who are living in Paris and other parts of Europe should always try to provide the world with everything that is best for India and its interests.



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