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New Delhi; 30 July, 2022: Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla addressed teachers and students at the Annual function of Ramjas College, New Delhi, today.

On the occasion, Shri Birla observed that the youth need to understand the thoughts and philosophies of our great personalities. The responsibility of fulfilling the dreams for which they fought rests on the youth. Referring to the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Shri Birla mentioned that India has scaled new heights of progress in these 75 years. Today it is the responsibility of the youth to take our country forward on the path of progress, Shri Birla opined. How we can bring change in our democratic country so that every citizen can be a stakeholder of progress? This responsibility is also of the youth, Shri Birla underlined.

Speaking further on the responsibility of the youth towards the country, Shri Birla observed that in a democracy, our duty does not end with casting a vote. After formation of Government, it is the responsibility of the youth to participate in every decision and policies of the Government. When a draft is brought before a legislature, the youth should study and analyse the draft and offer their suggestions. This will make legislations meaningful and robust, added Shri Birla.

Emphasizing on innovation, Shri Birla said that innovation should take place in all walks of life, and not just in start-ups. While making ourselves self-reliant, we should provide employment to others. Therefore, the youth of India should constantly experiment and innovate, said Shri Birla.

Speaking on character building in education, Shri Birla said that thousands of years ago, when students used to go to Gurukul, they were not only given education, but their character was also built. Today the world is moving forward towards material prosperity. But India is a country which has a rich spiritual and cultural heritage. It is our culture and civilization, on the basis of which the youth of India is displaying their talent in many fields in the world, today. They are leading big companies of the world because of their foundational education in India, said Shri Birla.

Shri Birla also said that as more than 65 percent population of India are youth, the path of progress of the country will also have to be decided by the them. Governments can only make policies, bring schemes, but the important responsibility of implementing them, accelerating the development of the country lies with the youth.

With their energy, hard work and ideas, youth will decide what India will be like after 25 years, Shri Birla said. He also added that in today's digital world there is a need that the youth, women and other people of the country should become digitally literate; everyone should have knowledge of technology so that maximum employment opportunities can be created.

Shri Birla said that for the last more than 20 years, the participation of women, youth and under privileged sections of society is increasing continuously in our Parliament and Legislative Assemblies and as such their representation is also increasing. The participation of citizens in the electoral process is also increasing. He urged the youth to watch the proceedings of Parliament regularly to see how public representatives raise their problems in the House; how national-international subjects are discussed in the House and how agreements and dissent are expressed in democratic institutions.  Shri Birla also urged that every youth should know about the Constitution. In this context, Shri Birla said that soon the Parliament Library would be made available online for all.

Speaking on the duty of youth towards the country, Shri Birla said that we should not only be conscious about our rights, but we also have some duties towards our country, which are necessary to be discharged. The youth have to put more emphasis on their duties because that is the guarantee of our rights.



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