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Jaipur 28 January 2023: Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla addressed an International Business Meet organized by Rajasthan Association of Spices (Rajasthan Masala Sangh), Jaipur today.

Addressing the program, Shri Birla said that Rajasthan is renowned for its peoples bravery, self-respect, courage and its rich culture. He added that farmers, traders, businessmen and social workers have made a major contribution towards Rajasthan's glory.

Mentioning the climate of Rajasthan, Shri Birla said that though the state receives little rainfall, the hard work of farmers and businessmen has brought glory to this land. He added that this hard work and dedication of the people has made Rajasthan prosperous. Shri Birla also said that the Rajasthan is known as Marudhara, but it is also Annapurna due to the hard work of its people. Expressing happiness, Shri Birla said that today spices from Rajasthan are world renowned.

Shri Birla noted that different regions of Rajasthan are known for different spices. He added that specially some spices are found only in Rajasthan. Referring to his many visits to abroad, Shri Birla said that Indian spices have been famous around the world for thousands of years. He added that Indian spices are very popular in Africa, Europe, Middle East etc.

In the context of the agriculture sector, Shri Birla said that farmers are very progressive in today's era; they have embarked on the path of development through high production, value addition and processing. He added that through value addition Rajasthan is moving forward in production of all agri products, especially spices and herbs. He expressed the view that agri industries have proved to be extremely beneficial for the rural economy. Emphasizing on organic farming and natural farming besides traditional farming in these changing times, Shri Birla said that in the coming times there is a need to make Rajasthan a hub of spice production.

Emphasizing the need to work towards helping farmers and increasing awareness towards export and production, Shri Birla said that farmers should embark upon the path of development in an organized manner through Farmer Production Organizations (FPO). He added that startups working in the field of modern farming are providing opportunities to the country and farmers to move forward through new innovation and research. In this context, Shri Birla further said that Indian youth are ensuring production and value addition along with land conservation on the basis of their intellectual ability, innovation and new technology.

Mentioning India's glorious journey in the Amrit Kaal, Shri Birla said that exchange of ideas is the biggest strength of democracy. He added that the nation is moving towards change and progress through debate-discussion and exchange of best practices. Appreciating the association's work, Shri Birla said that their efforts have increased the prosperity of the farmers and scientific farming has made increasing production and value addition possible.

Referring to the developments at the global level, Shri Birla said that many countries around the world have made progress due to innovations in agriculture. In this context, he hoped that through FPOs, Rajasthan would contribute 50 percent in the spice industry in the coming times. Shri Birla expressed confidence that with these steps, farmers of Rajasthan will become financially stronger and along with self-reliance, there will be opportunities for employment generation in rural areas.

The President, Director and other members of Rajasthan Association of Spices remained present on the occasion.



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