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Boston/New Delhi: 27 August 2022: Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla, who is leading an Indian Parliamentary Delegation to USA, arrived in Boston today.

During his visit, Shri Birla interacted with Indian students studying in various prestigious universities in Boston. On this occasion, Shri Birla shared India’s growth story among the students and spoke about the role of youth in the development journey of India.

Mentioning about the rapid transformation taking place in India during the recent years, Shri Birla said that now India is at the forefront of providing solutions to global challenges. He added that Indian Youth are pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation through their intelligence and hard work and they are creating jobs and economic growth across the world. He also said that India has set a target for herself to be a developed nation by 2047 and seriously working to achieve this target.

Referring to the role of youth in shaping the future of a nation, Shri Birla said that Indian Youth is at the forefront of changing India's destiny through their hard work, skills and abilities. In this regard, Shri Birla stressed on the need for more world class universities with emphasis on research and innovation which will provide quality platform to the youth to realize their dreams. Shri Birla also suggested that universities should sync their syllabus and methodology with the requirements in the service sector and industry. This will not only make them employable but will also provide employment opportunities to others. He urged the youth to ensure that their education, skills and experience contribute to welfare of people, particularly the marginalized. The Speaker also urged the youth to participate in democratic processes and provide inputs to legislative bodies and to broaden the horizons of elected representatives.

Later, Shri Birla Addressed members of Indian Diaspora in Boston. In his Address, Shri Birla said that Indian Diaspora is held in high esteem across the world due to their work ethics and culture. He also noted that Indian community has always come to the aid of their motherland as well as their host countries whenever called upon in times of need.

Mentioning about India’s growing stature in the comity of nations, Shri  Birla said that today, world listens when India speaks. In this regard, he mentioned about policy interventions in rural development, communication, women empowerment, etc. On the other hand, India has become a lead exporter in the global market. He also said that Trade, Technology and Tourism are the pillars of India's growth. Atmanirbhar Bharat is paving the way for the emergence of India as a global manufacturing hub, said Shri Birla. India’s handling of Covid-19 pandemic and its indigenously developed vaccines have enhanced its prestige in the world.

Speaking about Indian Democracy Shri Birla said that democracy is India's biggest strength and it is democracy which has accelerated development in India. He added that Indian democracy is the most dynamic and vibrant and that is why India's voice reverberates around the world.

Observing that Global economic growth is contingent on peace and stability around the world Shri Birla said that threat to peace anywhere is threat to peace everywhere. He urged that all nations must make efforts in the direction of peace and development.

Earlier, upon his arrival in Boston, Shri Birla visited Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He interacted with faculties, resource persons and students there.



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