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New Delhi, June 11, 2022: Inaugurating an Orientation Programme for trainee officers of the Indian Administrative Service-2021 batch and the Royal Bhutan Civil Service on Parliamentary Practices and Procedures in the Parliament Complex, Lok Sabha Shri Om Birla said that civil servants have an important role to play in the development of the country. As such, they have to keep in mind that their decisions will have an impact on the lives of the common man, Shri Birla observed.

He called upon the young civil servants that their efforts should be focused on bringing about a change in the life of the last person in the society.  He stressed that when India is celebrating the centenary year of its independence in the year 2047, we should be at the top of the world on all parameters, India should lead the world as an empowered, strong and prosperous nation. He said that as an administrative officer, it is their duty to do their best to realize this vision.

Noting that the role of administrative officers is important in the enactment of laws, he suggested that public servants study the old laws, see which laws are no longer relevant with the times today and which need to be changed. They can make changes in such laws or even repeal them, if necessary, keeping in view the convenience of the common man, Shri Birla felt.

 Shri Birla further said that the biggest goal of India of the 21st century is that of self-reliant India, of modern India, of prosperous India, of strong India and of a strong India. He advised that when civil servants work in the field, they will get a real feel. He said that the motto of their success would be to try to add more and more people in their actions, add more and more social organizations. Shri Birla emphasized that even the last person of the society should be a part of their efforts, he should also feel that he is an important part of the society. Shri Birla opined that for success in a country like India, people's participation within our democratic system should be the basis of our development. People's participation is not only for democratic institutions but also for administrative institutions too. It should be our endeavor to see how we increase public participation in governance and how we connect the people with the policies and programmes being made for them, Shri Birla said.

Lok Sabha Speaker further said that it is a matter of great solace for civil servants that today the importance of technology has become so great that it is being used more and more in every field of our lives. In the last 200 years, technology has not created as much impact on mankind as it has in the last 40 years. Technology is also being used in governance. He said that the benefit should be given to the last person by making full use of this facility.

181 probationers of 2021 batch of IAS and 2 trainee officers of Royal Bhutan Civil Service are participating in the Orientation programme.



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