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New Delhi, 6 September 2020:  Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla participated today in a programme on Collective Kshmavani Parv, through virtual medium, organized by the All India Digambar Jain Dharma Sanrakshni Mahasabha. 


Speaking on the occasion, Shri Birla said that Mahatma Gandhi had always preached that forgiveness is a characteristic of a competent person and today is indeed a day of self-purification for all of us.  He said that forgiveness is the means to eliminate the feeling of egoism in the individual and society, helps us to live a harmonious life and, as such, is the cornerstone of human life.  This day of Kshama Parv symbolizes non-violence and friendship among us and if we wish to increase social harmony, then we need to imbibe forgiveness in our lives.  Shri Birla further remarked that Jainism always emphasizes on self-purification and both the forgiveness-seeker as well as the forgiver hold important place in its philosophy. It is vital that the entire humanity embraces this feeling in their inter-personal behavior.  


Shri Birla also observed that our modern lifestyles have shrinked our social responsibilities and reduced us to ourselves, falling away from nature. This is the reason why people are suffering from mental and physical agony. In such times, the teachings of Lord Mahavira assume much relevance. Today when the entire world is grappling with the corona epidemic, the ideology of restraint and renunciation propagated by Him have guided us to work for providing relief to the affected sections of the society.  Describing forgiveness as the greatest wealth that works to cleanse us spiritually, Shri Birla also exhorted the people to imbibe the thoughts and ideals of Lord Mahavira.  He expressed the hope that the valuable guidance provided by all saints on this day will help to create a better society.


Observing that India is the largest democracy in the world that has adopted the Constitution as its guiding spirit, Shri Birla said that he will strive to make forgiveness as the Parliament’s jewel. Parliament provides the forum of debates and discussions on issues of national interest and public welfare. As such, there is a vital need to have meaningful discussions and dialogue and all the Members of Parliament need to work collectively for it. If all the Members internalize the feelings of Parliamentary traditions, then it will certainly go a long way for the betterment of our country.    


Shri Birla noted that the Jain community always keeps the ideal of collective service in their mind and deeds and have been at the forefront of works of collective upliftment and public interest in our society. They have made enormous contribution in nation building and always rendered valuable service to the country. Even during the Corona pandemic, they have served the underprivileged sections of our society in keeping with the ideals of Lord Mahavira who has given the message of truth, non-violence, celibacy and forgiveness to the entire humanity.



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