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New Delhi, 10 August 2019: Interacting with media persons in Parliament Library Building today, Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla observed that experts would be associated in briefing the Members on different aspects of the Bills introduced in the House. He hoped that such an arrangement would facilitate a better understanding of the background and scope of legislative proposals brought by the Government on the Floor of the House. Referring to landmark debates in the House since 1952, Shri Birla said that an ‘App’ would be developed soon for the Members, which will help them in accessing the same quickly. In pursuit of this goal, the archives of Doordarshan would also be explored. Shri Birla thanked the assembled media persons for their positive and constructive role in reporting the parliamentary proceedings of the recently concluded First Session of the 17th Lok Sabha. Underlining about the freedom of press, Shri Birla observed that media has an important role in Parliamentary democracy to create a positive impression of the proceedings of the Parliament in the minds of the general public. It is the media which ensures that the work of Parliament is seen and heard by the people at large and this increases peoples’ faith even more in Parliamentary democracy. Shri Birla observed that as Speaker of the 17th Lok Sabha, it was both a challenge and an opportunity to conduct the proceedings of the First Session which stretched for 37 days and witnessed the passage of as many as 35 Bills. Shri Birla further said that he was hopeful of making a positive contribution and that the cooperation he received from the Leaders of the Parties and Groups and Members was very heartening. He noted that a majority of first-time elected Members were given the opportunity to speak in the First Session. Shri Birla also informed that Lok Sabha Secretariat would soon be made paperless so that crores of public money could be saved by decreasing the use of paper. He added that the delays involved in delivery of hardcopies to Members will also be minimized with the use electronic and digital methods. As part of the initiative Members will be given the option of receiving Parliamentary papers either through e-copy or hardcopy. Sharing his experiences as a legislator, Shri Birla observed that different regions of the country have their own problems and general public wishes to see how their elected representatives place such matters before the Parliament and how the Parliamentary debates ensure the passage of important bills. Shri Birla also informed that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been urged to include the expansion and modernization of Parliament House in his resolution for the Naya Bharat.



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