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Kota 21 July 2019: Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla today addressed a gathering at the historic Dussehra Ground, Kota during a plantation drive organised by the Municipal Council, Kota under the aegis of the Jal Shakti Abhiyan. He said that environmental change is impacting lives across the world and accepting this as a challenge we have to engage our 130 crore citizens to address the issue of environmental change and work in tandem for environmental protection. He pointed out that by planting trees and saving water in a mission mode we can lead the world in environmental protection. Societies across the world are affected by the changing environment and climate change is impacting lives across the world. Shri Om Birla said that India had a tradition of protecting the environment and we have to continue this tradition and save our flora and fauna. By continuing our tradition of treating plants and animals as sacred and by teaching such traditions to the younger generations, we have to continue this tradition of environmental protection. Every person has to cultivate this habit of protecting the environment by planting trees and saving water. Lauding the Jal Shakti Abhiyan of the Government of India, Shri Om Birla pointed out that mission would go a long way in promoting environmental protection among citizens across the country and also encourage people to plant trees and save water. He mentioned that the Government had come up with the Jal Shakti Abhiyan so that people in our villages could receive clean drinking water. To achieve this, the mission promotes rainwater harvesting to increase the water level in the villages and lays emphasis on the involvement of the people in the villages. Shri Om Birla urged upon the people of Kota to make the city green. He said that scientists from across the country would be consulted and trees and plants that are favourable to the climate of Kota would be planted across the city. To make the city the greenest and the cleanest in the country, proactive involvement of the people, Civic agencies and other stakeholders is necessary. Speaking earlier on the occasion Mayor, Mahesh Vijay, while welcoming the Speaker, Lok Sabha said that efforts to make the historic Dussehra Ground green were initiated 20 years ago and we have to continue the efforts. He pointed out the significance of the Jal Shakti Abhiyan and the programme of distribution of free of cost plants to the people of Kota. During the programme, under the leadership of Lok Sabha Speaker, 150 plants were planted in the ground and 550 plants were distributed among the people. The programme was attended by many members of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, former Ministers in the Rajasthan Government, District Collector and other prominent citizens of Kota.



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