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Port Louis (Mauritius), 9th June 2017: Lok Sabha Speaker, Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, who is leading an Indian Parliamentary Delegation to Mauritius, called on the President of Mauritius H.E. Bibi Ameenah Gurib-Fakim in the State House (Rashtrapati Bhavan). During the call-on, Smt. Mahajan said that India and Mauritius have historically enjoyed excellent, unique and extra-ordinary relations. Observing that Indo-Mauritius relationship is of hearts and sentiments, she said that the two countries are connected by strong cultural links and shared heritage. She noted that Mauritius is a home away for Indians. Observing that Indo-Mauritius Strategic Partnership and co-operation in International Fora augurs well, Smt. Mahajan said that India has accorded special status to Mauritius in several areas like tax matters and OCI-related issues. She emphasized that blue economy, marine research and education, information technology and climate change are areas where the two countries have common interests. Smt. Mahajan added that because of its strategic location, political and economic stability, Mauritius is ideally placed for development as an IT hub to act as a ‘Gateway to Africa’. Smt. Mahajan also congratulated H.E. Bibi Ameenah Gurib-Fakim on the upcoming 50th year of Independence of Mauritius in 2018. The President of Mauritius appreciated the relationship with India and expressed the confidence that it will continue to flourish even further. During the meeting, Smt. Mahajan presented a copy of the Constitution of India to the President of Mauritius. Smt. Mahajan along with the members of her Delegation also visited one of the biggest attraction centers in Mauritius, the Apravasi Ghat. This is the place where about 183 years ago, the first group of 36 immigrant workers from India landed in Mauritius on-board the Atlas named ship. After visiting the Museum at the Apravasi Ghat, Smt. Mahajan said that we have seen the museums of Raja, Maharajas and the winners, but this museum honours the hard work of the labourers and depicts the contribution of the people standing at the last rung of society in the nation-building of Mauritius. She further remarked that the way people in Mauritius have preserved their ancient culture and heritage is indeed special. A Bhojpuri folk music program was also organized to showcase the ancient culture of Mauritius.



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